Examining Choosing Root Elements For Shopping Sites

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We’ve got to resist those ‘buy, buy’ offers of two for one and discounts for spending a little more Research reveals that someone living in a climate like ours realistically needs, depending on gender, between 30 and 40 items of clothing. My wardrobe fits that sparse ideal: eight work and five casual shirts; two pairs of work trousers, a casual pair and two pairs of jeans; four jackets; five T-shirts and three pairs of shorts; a pair of shoes for work, one for casual wear and two for the gym, for a total of 34. Not being able to see, this is more than enough clothing to handle and take care of. Are Hongkongers really spending HK$25 billion a year on clothes? I’ve peeked into the closets of family and friends over the years and found myself the exception rather than the rule. Last year, during a regular home visit, I had a heated conversation with my mother about her clothing; there was so much that all spare space in her three-bedroom house was taken up with it. Frustrated that, for each visit, I was literally living out of a suitcase, I did a stocktake and counted up 163 items. Heartlessly, I confronted the hoarder and convinced her that someone in their 80s should be passing on clothes they no longer wear to the poor. The collection was pared down to 60; at times there were tears, at others shock when a pile formed of items that had been bought and never worn and no longer fitted, but in the end, there were smiles with the realisation that others would benefit. A local drama company was especially happy with my late sister’s dresses, of 1970s vintage and perfect for upcoming performances. How to declutter: experts offer tips for organising small flats It’s a thin volume with a simple message: empty all your cupboards and stack everything in the middle of the room, then sort and organise it with an eye on keeping only that which “ sparks joy ”.

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