Skywests Proposal For Ford Airport Was Part Of An Eas Package That Includes Rhinelander As Well As Brainerd And International Falls In Minnesota.

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Payments to air carriers were funded at a total of $175 million in 2016, according to the DOT. County Controller Brian Bousley has sent letters to Michigans senators emphasizing the importance of the program. If we lose that, we lose a lot, County Commissioner Joe Stevens said at Mondays county board meeting. SkyWests proposal for Ford Airport was part of an EAS package that includes Rhinelander as well as Brainerd and International Falls in Minnesota. Under the new contract, Rhinelander will receive 14 round trips a week to Minneapolis, with a subsidy of slightly more than $1.7 million. International Falls will be subsidized at nearly $3.3 million for 12 round trips to Minneapolis and Brainerd at nearly $1.7 million, also for 12 round trips to Minneapolis. Air Choice One of St. Louis, Mo., submitted EAS service proposals to the FAA for Ford Airport and International Falls that required subsidy levels that were significantly higher than SkyWests. Last fall, the county board strongly endorsed SkyWest, citing good service and reliable on-time performance.

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