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Baulina declined to comment when asked why she had carried in ballots in a coat. 'NO VIOLATIONS' At all three locations where Reuters found large discrepancies in turnout figures, United Russia was the overwhelming winner in the official count. In Saransk, when asked about the gap between the turnout counted by Reuters reporters and the official figure at station 591, local election chief Irina Fedoseyeva said: "You're also human, you can make mistakes too." When asked about why the reporter's vote for a party other than United Russia did not register in the official count, she said the reporter could recount the vote himself if he didn't believe the result. "If this is how things have turned out, then that's how it's turned out," she said. Election official Baulina at Atemar's polling station 424 said of the discrepancy there: "We don't airways know how you counted. Might the button (of a count clicker) get stuck?" At station number 284 in Bashkortostan's Ufa, election chief Fairuza Akhmetziyanova said: "We had no violations." Officials at polling station number 285 in Bashkortostan refused to let a Reuters reporter in, citing the need to obtain permission from local authorities. There is no such requirement for international media under Russian election rules. During the count at polling station number 591 in Saransk, election officials drew a line on the floor in chalk and told a Reuters reporter not to cross it. In the Bashkortostan village of Knyazevo, officials at polling station 62 ruled that the Reuters reporter should be removed after concerns were raised with them about the reporter's mechanical counter by a voter identified as A.Z. Minsafin in a document drafted by the officials. That voter said the reporter was making "strange manipulations" with an object which "could testify to the presence of an object of radioactive nature, which is a threat to health and life", according to the document.

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It seems practically certain that Cuban officers will enable innovative U.Ring. plane tickets slowly but surely in order to be sure the government can deal with the boost in travel around.Many websites and airline websites possess special low cost offers you for internet bookings and e-tickets. The sonic rate of growth also started to be a major level of contention, oftentimes triggering the shattering of home windows on the surface, prompting some places to prohibit the flight of the Concorde aircraft over their airspace. Do shop around to discover a good agent who will work with you to find those top secret air travel deals that can save you funds. There can be no any details about the time plan or air price tag rates of inbound or out going plane tickets to Nigeria. Previously I confirmed some of the greatest selling price contrast sites but you need to keep in mind that each one may or may not have special bargains with the airline in dilemma. It appears to be funny, but with Las Vegas it sometimes happens that you save extra money as you keep on waiting around.Everyone wants to preserve funds when they're reserving travel arrangements for their future trip. The air travel difficulty, the latest current expression of multiple strains across the Venezuelan current economic climate, derives from a authorities need that domestic ticket revenue come to be in localized currency. The excellent blend of Far east, Native american indian and Malay ethnicities ensure that every ethnical aficionado who holds arrivals to Singapore can be utterly and carefully mesmerised.